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Return of Premium Life Insurance

Return of Premium (ROP) life insurance policies allow you many options you won’t find with traditional term life insurance policies. Although term life insurance is considered the lowest cost life insurance, many consumers are not comfortable spending the money because they could outlive the coverage. With a ROP life insurance policy, you can provide solid life insurance protection for your family with a guaranteed death benefit that gives you something tangible back – the return of all eligible premiums paid – when the level term period is up.

How does Return of Premium life insurance work?

We offer two ROP life insurance options; a 20- and a 30-year plan. Both policies provide valuable death benefit protection and a full return of eligible premium benefit at the end of 20 or 30 years. ROP non-forfeiture provisions allow you to continue life insurance coverage without further premium outlay.

A ROP life insurance policy builds cash value that can be accessed:

  • For personal cash needs

  • To pay premiums

  • To help fund policy conversion

  • To extend life insurance protection beyond the 20- or 30-year term period

Kansas City Life Insurance Company also has many policy riders available that would allow you to design a life insurance policy that fits your particular needs and budget. For more information, please contact a licensed Kansas City Life Insurance Company agent near you.

Cashback Life series may not be available in all states and not all states may have the same version.